Sunday, 30 September 2007

I found this and thought how sweet

I think this says it all really!
Its just so sweet.
Even though I am not feeling 100% right now, I have turned to my crafting to lift myself up.
I had some orders for bracelets, but I wanted to make something a little different.
This is the first time I have made a multi coloured bracelet.
I was not sure, but now its made I am happy with it.
Again here is another pink bracelet, this is for a forum friend to give to her daughter.

Below is an altered tin that is a gift tin for the pink bracelet.
The side of the tin below.
The one below is another gift tin for a different customer, she asked for it to be purple.
I just hope everyone likes the items I have done for them.

I love the little flower pot on this one.

Once again without my crafting I know I would be feeling sorry for myself....

Friday, 28 September 2007

More Christmas cards made today...

I made even more of these Christmas cards this afternoon, I have really enjoyed doing them too. Though I do wish I had left the glitter until tomorrow, as I knocked my pot of glitter over twice. I got covered both times! Then i squeezed my glue too hard and ended up with blobs in the wrong places.Considering the problems I had, these have turned out OK. Better than some of my Photos... I always seem to take better pictures during the day. During the darker evenings they come out all out of focus! Never mind you get the general idea of what they look like even when the are a little out of focus!
I love both the fairies and the polar bears this year. I am so pleased with the colour scheme.
I had totally different ideas for my cards until I went cyber shopping and found these winter fairies... then my mind was made up!

I am also pleased with the way some of my peel offs work with these, even though they were left over from last year.
These are the final ones today, as you can tell the picture is rubbish, but you get the idea.
I hope to get some more made of this size then I will work on making larger ones for close family members.

And Here They ARE.....

Here they are the six I worked on yesterday and the six I made this morning.
I am really pleased with these stunning images again from lili of the vally.
I wanted my theme to be blue this year as most of my cards last year were purple.
I think the fairies work really well on both the background papers.

I have included each fairies name on the cards, as I hope to pop the description of each one on the back of each card.
Below are the really cute Polar bears, I fell in love with these too and just had to use them this Christmas. I love adding glitter, just that I end up covered in it too!

I hope that everyone who has a card from us this year loves them as much as I do. Though my photos are a little shaky, not the best focus this time!

Thursday, 27 September 2007


Today I was busy making sure my house looked nice for my Mum coming to visit, it was important for me as I have started to feel more like myself. I wanted my Mum to see how much better I was feeling, and that the house was not being neglected anymore.

After having back surgery in June I was unable to do so much, both my Mum and OH did so much to keep our house running and family happy.

I wanted to let my Mum know how much I appreciated all she had done for us, so today I took care of her. She has not long gone home and called me to say she had a lovely day. Also adding how happy she was to see me back to normal.

Even after all the work I had done... I sat down this morning with time to spare.... Finally my christmas card making has started. I made 6 basic cards that look great already, they still need embellishments and greetings added which I will do tomorrow. Its great to say they are being made! ( I had said so often that I needed to start them)

Once again I have been unable to chat to my friends, but I am sure they know how much I care about them, and how much I miss talking to them. I know they will keep up to date with me some how.... I just have to be patient.

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Time has taken the day.....

What has happened today?
Well i feel like old father time was working against me today.
People I wanted around me couldn't make the connection,
time always seems to work against us.
You would think I was trying so hard to talk to a friend in another country!
You would be wrong.
It just seemed that whenever I am free they are not, it makes me sad.
So the picture above says it all for tonight.
If you need a hug my arms are always open.

I hope my friends remember this.
I have even found that my crafting is suffering lack of time,
maybe its because I am spending so much time trying to chat!
Oh well tomorrow is another day.
Maybe then!

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

I feel much happier with this now!

Right, I had a play with this in the end and decided to add colour to the edge.
I am pleased with the finished effect now.
I also went around the inside edges too, it makes a great frame work for the finished ATC.

Monday, 24 September 2007

I have been creative...

On the crafting forum I belong to we have been running a 'train of thought' Atc swap.
Where we are sent an ATC from the person ahead of us and we have to take inspiration from it.
the one below was sent to me from Caro.

I took inspiration from the french words meaning air mail and the butterfly.

No surprise for people who know me well, butterflies are a favourite of mine, so I used the french word for butterfly 'papillon' and made the ATC below.

This is the front.

Looking at it now, I have noticed it needs some kind of colour added to the edges, so I think a little bit of inking is in order... just hope i dont mess it up now!

The butterflies on the front were heat embossed using a bright pink powder, I think it makes them stand out really well. I haven't done heat embossing for a while so it was nice to have a play while I had all the things out.

And then below is how it looks on the inside. I wanted to make this into something quite different so I have added an atc into the swap that opens up. I look forward to seeing how the next person takes inspiration from this.

This is the only crafting I have done today!Unusual for me though I know!

I have great news that I have a further order for another bracelet and gift box/tin. So I am very pleased to be doing another order.

Friday, 21 September 2007

Another quiet day

Its been a hard day today, my little girl has been very poorly after having two nights
of broken sleep. My Other half took her to the doctors, she has an ear infection.
I will not have much time for crafting on a large scale though I have been beading.
the only thing i can do on a tray for now!

Off to bed to catch some zzzz'ds

Thursday, 20 September 2007

A strange day

Its been one of those days when I feel I have done nothing. I did sit and sort some beads out and threaded them onto head pins. I don't have any orders at the moment but I do hope to have some more soon.
My back has been playing up again, no matter where I sit, stand or lie I have been in pain. I even hit the stronger pain killers today. I feel worn out, I am not sure if its the early morning catching up with me or if its the fact that I have done so much crafting that I have finally burnt out. (time will tell!)
Anyway, goodnight to you all.

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

A new card Thanks to a friend

Thanks to a card making forum Friend I have had my first go at making a fan card.
I thought they would be easy to make, well they are if you read all the instructions!
I will be making some more of these when I get a chance.... though as mentioned before its time for me to begin some christmas cards!

Happy to be selling.....!

I am Happy to say that everyone who has bought a bracelet off me has been very pleased with them. I know I am shouting about my own success, but if I don't then who will?!

Its not taken over my life but I have been able to keep everything up to date.

Here are some of my most recent cards, I just wish I could have the same selling power with these as I do my bracelets! Card making is my favourite pass time I just wish people would want to buy them. Its my own fault getting a lot of my family members into making cards. I lost out on some really good customers!

I really like this little bear, so I had to use the image a couple of times.These two cards are a personal favourite, I asked a friend to design this image into a 3d decoupage sheet which she did. I love the way the card turned out.

This cute dog on the phone is just wonderful, I have managed to make a few cards with these doggie images.
Another of my Favourite pictures again!

Cute doggie again, for my neighbours Daughter, she had hurt her chin and had to have hospital treatment. I wanted to cheer her up :-)

There is a real mixed bag of cards here, it just shows you how much my ideas jump around in my head just recently. My mind is constantly thinking of things do to or things that need doing!
No wonder sometimes my head will not let me sleep.

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Another few days....

I can not believe it, how does time escape me so much? I have been busy with the usual work in the home but also keeping in touch with people who mean a lot to me. Some of them mean a lot more to me than I thought they did. Its not until you don't hear from someone you then realise when you do how much they have an effect on your life!

I have also kept up being creative but, not had much chance to blog it yet.

My dear Son has enjoyed his first day at school all day, though he did say he didn't like having lunch there. considering its a packed lunch! Though he did say one friend goes home for dinner... I am not going down that road! I will post new crafty picture as soon as I can.

Sunday, 16 September 2007

New Bracelets Made yesterday.

I actually made three bracelets last night, a childs one for a neighbour.
Then these two, the pink one above is for the buyer, she asked for as much bling as possible.
The blue one is a gift, and I was asked not to put too many beads on it for her.
I just hope she is happy with them both!
I really enjoyed working with blue for a change, it is my Favourite colour!
Even though this one doesn't have so many beads there are enough to make it special.
Included are two silver charms and three glass beads.

Friday, 14 September 2007

More crafting this evening

As I was out for the day yesterday, I took some decoupage sheets to cut up and layer while I was with my mum. I like to split the pictures too as I think sometimes there are too many layers. This way I get two cards for the cost of one.Both these Rabbit cards were off one sheet, I thought it was really cute.
I really love this teddy bear sheet, she is so sweet. I managed to do another picture on a smaller scale for an ATC.

Below is the 4th tin I have Altered, I think so Far this one has to be my Favourite.

Another view of my 4th tin.
I really love these embossed stickers, They are a delight to use and to give on cards or even my tins.
There were two cards very much the same though the boarders were different.
The other picture was too blurred. Probably because I was trying to keep sticky children's fingers from touching!
I have made this card for my sister, she is truly my best friend. I love to send her a card every now and then to show her how much she means to me.
This card was made using the other parts to the decoupage sheet... two cards for one again!