Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Its been on hell of a year, but now i see a smile again!

I thought I would fill you all in on what a year its been for me, I first had problems with Carpal tunnel syndrome in my left hand. I had to fight for surgery, even suggesting I would go private. In the end the operation was worth it and I was able to return to crafting once again.

Then I was hit by a terrible case of sciatica, which meant I spent a lot of time lying on one side, sleeping sitting up, or spending nights awake in pain. I even tried to get help by seeing an osteopath... he helped as much as he could. He told me to get to hospital for help!

To cut a very long story short I ended up having emergancy surgery to have a disc removed, I have numbness in my right foot, which will remain with me for life. My Scar caused trouble too taking over 11 weeks to heal after many doses of anti-biotics.

I can now say though that I can finally smile and begin enjoying my life again, I have just had a super holiday in Great Yarmouth UK with my family.

I am looking forward to getting my Son into full time school, getting some more one on one time with my daughter. And also getting some more ATC's made ready for future swaps.
Plus of course all the cards I will need for future birthdays, and maybe even starting to make some Christmas cards!