Monday, 3 March 2008

Parents Anniversary gift.

I only decided to make this late yesterday afternoon.
In between cooking dinner, and watching TV I managed to
put this together.
My parents were married in 1962,
I wanted to give them something they could add to,
maybe even write down their memories.
The front cover.
The first page.
The second page with pictures from their wedding day. The date of their wedding.
I don't have many photo's of the day,
I hope they will add one.
Another page for them to fill.
A recent photo of them.And then the back cover.I just hope they like it, and will want to finish off
what I have started.

My first post for March...

This is my first post of March,
but I have three days worth of stuff to show you all.
More Fat book pages for the swap
on cardmaking and papercraft forum.
Blue below.
Another Green one.
A mixed colour one.
Pink below.I just love the last one, Purple.I didn't know when I first started these how much
fun they would be.
Also how addictive too!
I also didn't realise that they needed to be a little bit stronger.
So all the pages have now been backed again with more card.
The first three I made also had to be done!
I have made 8, so far! I think there are 14 of us in this swap now.