Wednesday, 19 September 2007

A new card Thanks to a friend

Thanks to a card making forum Friend I have had my first go at making a fan card.
I thought they would be easy to make, well they are if you read all the instructions!
I will be making some more of these when I get a chance.... though as mentioned before its time for me to begin some christmas cards!

Happy to be selling.....!

I am Happy to say that everyone who has bought a bracelet off me has been very pleased with them. I know I am shouting about my own success, but if I don't then who will?!

Its not taken over my life but I have been able to keep everything up to date.

Here are some of my most recent cards, I just wish I could have the same selling power with these as I do my bracelets! Card making is my favourite pass time I just wish people would want to buy them. Its my own fault getting a lot of my family members into making cards. I lost out on some really good customers!

I really like this little bear, so I had to use the image a couple of times.These two cards are a personal favourite, I asked a friend to design this image into a 3d decoupage sheet which she did. I love the way the card turned out.

This cute dog on the phone is just wonderful, I have managed to make a few cards with these doggie images.
Another of my Favourite pictures again!

Cute doggie again, for my neighbours Daughter, she had hurt her chin and had to have hospital treatment. I wanted to cheer her up :-)

There is a real mixed bag of cards here, it just shows you how much my ideas jump around in my head just recently. My mind is constantly thinking of things do to or things that need doing!
No wonder sometimes my head will not let me sleep.