Monday, 7 January 2008

So Far....

So far I know that they are keeping my sister in hospital tonight.
We don't know about our Mum yet!
21.10... Mum is coming home.
The rest will have to be said another time.

I have been busy....

I have been busy, I had visitors this morning.
We baked cakes together, I had 4yr old, 3yr old and 2yr old.
The cakes got eaten before I could take a picture.
I also got all my beads out ready to begin my order, but its been put on hold.
Both my Mum & sister are down our local A&E, both having seen their doctors.
Until I hear any news, I can not concentrate on anything crafty,
though I do have my Darling daughters birthday tomorrow!
I can't put that on hold now can I?
I feel stressed now until I hear any kind of news.