Sunday, 28 October 2007

Today brought......

Today brought time asleep in bed, feeling very very poorly.

I ended up down our out of hours drop in centre to see a

nurse or a doctor.

I have an ear infection and chest infection, no wonder I have

been feeling so poorly. I am now on anti-biotics, just hope they

help me get better quickly.

I have done no crafting, no jewellery made at all.

A couple of days without crafting isn't going to kill me!

Another Long poorly night...

I need a HUG.
Sending every poorly person out there one too.
Here I am again sitting here feeling sorry for myself,
this time though I am staying off the tea.
Hot blackcurrant and a warm shawl to keep me going.
This is one of the worst nights to be ill,
with British summer time ending I have already seen 2am this morning.
Having to suffer in silence while every one else sleeps for an extra hour is driving me mad.
I should be happy that both my children are asleep,
we have had so many disturbed nights.
Oh well back to bed to try and sleep some more I think...
I wonder what today will bring ?