Thursday, 31 July 2008

I had some new Tattoo's

I decided to have a couple of new tattoo's done.
I had these done on Saturday.
The foot tattoo design did have flowers on it, but I decided
to have butterflies instead.
There are five butterflies,
one for each of us in my family.
Husband, me, Taylor, Hannah and the sweet baby
I lost at 12 weeks in 2002
I also had a butterfly on my left wrist.
In my Daughters favourite colours.

Thursday, 24 July 2008


Funky Hand is Celebrating there Second Birthday today.
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Thursday, 17 July 2008

Birthday Girl (ME)

I wanted to show you all my birthday cake.
And me with my cake!
and a lovely card that came today.

I had a super day on monday.

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Some Lovely cards for weddings and babys

I made these cards for the Summer fair at my son's school,
I decided to make these the day before the fair.
I am so glad I did as I sold a couple of each.
These lovely images are by lili of the valley,
I got the complete sets that had backing papers to match.
The one above I coloured the mans hair black, and highlighted
some of the flowers in pink.
I thought a mint green one looked really pretty.

The wedding cake looks great,
I coloured some flowers in with gel pens. The wedding bell card was one that was an instant hit!

Two cute baby cards.

And the final 4 Baby cards,
I only had to add buttons or ribbons to complete the look.

Friday, 11 July 2008

Some Cards & stuff I should have shown ages ago!

I made these book marks for the school summer fair.
I was shocked to find that we sold quite a few,
but they were only 10p each.
Book Marks for the boys.
Some for the girls!
I added some fibres and ribbons to each bookmark,
which finished them off!
The Card below was for my father In-Law,
He seemed to like it.
I love this Tilda stamp.
Another card I made for Hubby this time!
Not my usual style but then I have been
through a time of not wanting to
craft for a very long time!

Thats all for now!

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Thursday, 10 July 2008

We DID IT!!!!

Trace (My Sister), Kiaya(my Niece) and Myself all completed our Race for life!
I say that as though its a big thing, well to us its a big thing, considering,
Trace has a bad back, arthritis and other problems.
I haven't walked so far since my back surgery last june, and I have athritis too.
Kiaya (trace's Daughter) is fitter than us both!
It was soooooo WET! the puddles were like rivers, the mud was like thick GLUE, and we all got soaked through to our skin, it was the worst possible night to do it.
I finished in 1hr 10mins, Trace & Kiaya took 1hr 30mins.
Kiaya wouldn't leave her mums side and she ended up so very cold she was given a blanket and foil to keep her warm.
The Support staff, actually supported Trace all the way around and walked her right to the finish line. She said without them she wouldn't have made it.
We both used walking sticks, I know I would have ended up on my backside without it!
Kiaya is ok, a little sore but ok.
Trace is in pain and having trouble walking.
ME... I am in big trouble, back, legs, feet, hands are all sore! I need a holiday!
Thanks to those that sponsored me, it means the world to me....
Plus Hubby said last night in bed when he gave me a hug.... His mum would have been proud of me!!! I cried!