Friday, 9 November 2007

Forgot to mention Blog Candy!

I forgot to say....

Don't forget this lovely Blog Candy is still up for grabs...

The winner will be chosen Sunday night.

I Bet you all thought I wouldn't post today!

I am really late posting today...
I have been busy making all of the items that are shown here today.
The blue bracelet is an order.
I made myself a gift... about time, I have been meaning to do these for ages.
Well I got them made today and I am wearing them now.
The ones below are a gift, they have some glass beads which make them special. I love the colour purple, and always seem to make purple ones every time I make anything.
These are for sale.
Something a little different, a red pair, with cute glass lady birds.
These are for sale also.Below is another colour I haven't done before.
Yellow, they look so pretty in real life, for sale also.I love the next pair, these blue ones are very special.
Again they have glass beads. For sale.Below are two black pairs, these are for my mum to choose from.
Once she has chosen the pair she wants... the ones left will be for sale!

That's all for now... I have no idea what this evening will bring!