Thursday, 25 October 2007

Hospital appointment...

I finally had my appointment to be discharged by the hospital yesterday, I was able to ask a few questions about what I had been told etc... also put a couple of fears of mine to rest.
I had been told I had a weak back, the surgeon told me that its normal wear and tear on my spine, that my disc's are not as full of fluid like they should be and that my natural curve to my spine was no longer there, meaning that my spine is straight... but quite stable.
I also asked about having further children, should ever it happen! I was told I would be fine ( yet had been told not to before!) I would just suffer more though out pregnancy with back ache. That was a weight off my mind, as I thought it was the end of having children for me.... so should it ever happen my back will be fine!
I also mentioned the numbness in my right foot.... He was concerned that I had lost so much feeling and has asked to see me in 4 months time, which is fine by me. Should I get offered surgery to help it though I do not think I would.... though time will tell. I have become used to my foot not feeling right.... so maybe in 4 months time it will not be such an issue for me.
So in the end it was good news, the whole reason for the surgery was to stop the sciatic pain.... it did that instantly, like being switched off!