Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Just made these.... for Halloween.

Last minute job for me, I suddenly decided to make my children a halloween card.
They have there first ever halloween party tonight.
The top one is for my son, the next one is for my daughter,
slightly different shape of card.
The last halloween card is for the children who invited us to the party,
I thought it only right to say thank you.

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

A light at the end of the tunnel

Finally today I feel a little better.
I feel like I have been poorly for too long.
Last week the sore throat was a pain,
this week its my ear and my chest.
Today I feel I can see a light at the end of this long tunnel.
I really do feel much brighter.
Even looking at my crafty stuff wanting to make something.
Being inspired by my crafty buddies,
they have all been so busy.

Sunday, 28 October 2007

Today brought......

Today brought time asleep in bed, feeling very very poorly.

I ended up down our out of hours drop in centre to see a

nurse or a doctor.

I have an ear infection and chest infection, no wonder I have

been feeling so poorly. I am now on anti-biotics, just hope they

help me get better quickly.

I have done no crafting, no jewellery made at all.

A couple of days without crafting isn't going to kill me!

Another Long poorly night...

I need a HUG.
Sending every poorly person out there one too.
Here I am again sitting here feeling sorry for myself,
this time though I am staying off the tea.
Hot blackcurrant and a warm shawl to keep me going.
This is one of the worst nights to be ill,
with British summer time ending I have already seen 2am this morning.
Having to suffer in silence while every one else sleeps for an extra hour is driving me mad.
I should be happy that both my children are asleep,
we have had so many disturbed nights.
Oh well back to bed to try and sleep some more I think...
I wonder what today will bring ?

Saturday, 27 October 2007

Another busy day....

Another busy day for me, I am so pleased that I am selling my jewellery.
Below is a complete black bracelet as ordered by a forum friend.
Below is a matching black beaded handbag charm.
This is only the second one I have ever made.
A different forum friend also asked for stud fastening earrings.
She has got the green pair below and the next pair of red ones.

My final pair made for today were another order.
I am not even sure if they are sold yet, she may not even like these!
I really love the colour purple.
Another fan of the stud fastenings.... I didn't know these would be so popular.
I will have to make another order for the studs soon.

Is it Possible....?

I was up for some time this morning, between cups of tea....
and a thought struck me...

Is it possible to meet your sole mate even if you're married to someone else?

I have had the wonderful feeling of meeting a friend for the first time a few weeks ago....

We connected like we knew each other before...

Had things been different in my life I think this friend of mine was my sole mate!

Things happen and time goes by before you realise the impact a person has on your life,

now its too late to take steps to change things, this person is no longer around.

Can not believe it....

Can you believe it?
Its 5am in the morning....
This stupid sore throat and cough have woken me,
now I can not go back to sleep.
I am not normally one to be up this early in the morning...
Unless I am poorly, well it looks like this blooming sore throat is
winning... I just wish I knew when my body would fight back.
This is one of the joys of having children,
they love to share all germs with you!
All 4 of us in this family are at some stage of illness right now,
it looks like I am the worst off, everyone else is fast asleep.
I think I will have another cup of tea...
then try bed again!

Friday, 26 October 2007

The picture I posted on Tuesday....

The picture I posted on Tuesday was framed by a very lovely forum friend of mine...
Peanutnut is a wizz at taking pictures and making them into something special.
She put a lovely frame around the photo and used a picture of a rose I had given her before.
I printed this photo out to use as a card for my friend to thank them for
inviting us to the party.
To see some of my friends great work follow this link.

Had a crafty time.

The black bracelet is for my Mum, she requested one for Christmas,
she has it made really,having 2 daughters into making bracelets etc....
Never have to buy one again.
Below are my first ever earrings made on stud fastenings!
I made these as a promise to a forum friend, Lazykay.
I think they have worked out ok.Below is my first ever necklace set, with matching earrings.
These are for my neighbour's daughter.
I am not so sure about the chain for the necklace.
I will have to try to find something a little finer.
I have also made a card with a great image on it.... will show you later.

Thursday, 25 October 2007

Hospital appointment...

I finally had my appointment to be discharged by the hospital yesterday, I was able to ask a few questions about what I had been told etc... also put a couple of fears of mine to rest.
I had been told I had a weak back, the surgeon told me that its normal wear and tear on my spine, that my disc's are not as full of fluid like they should be and that my natural curve to my spine was no longer there, meaning that my spine is straight... but quite stable.
I also asked about having further children, should ever it happen! I was told I would be fine ( yet had been told not to before!) I would just suffer more though out pregnancy with back ache. That was a weight off my mind, as I thought it was the end of having children for me.... so should it ever happen my back will be fine!
I also mentioned the numbness in my right foot.... He was concerned that I had lost so much feeling and has asked to see me in 4 months time, which is fine by me. Should I get offered surgery to help it though I do not think I would.... though time will tell. I have become used to my foot not feeling right.... so maybe in 4 months time it will not be such an issue for me.
So in the end it was good news, the whole reason for the surgery was to stop the sciatic pain.... it did that instantly, like being switched off!

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

A Craft free day....

We have had a lovely day visiting my very dear friends in Bishops Itchington, to help celebrate their eldest daughters 3rd birthday party.
My children really enjoyed every second of the party and loved bringing a goodie bag home.
One highlight for me is that I got to cuddle my friends youngest daughter while she fell asleep on me.... awww so sweet.
Would you believe me when I say this photo was taken by my son??
He is 4 years old!
Its a gem of a picture!

Sunday, 21 October 2007

Jumping in on the fun....

I would have added this as my forum picture instead of my angel...
as people have gone pumpkin crazy.
I wanted a little something more devilish!
I am a little devil really!

I found My inner crafter again!

I thought I had lost my mojo for a while, but I think I just needed to take a break.
My Hubby came home with an order for me,
which has inspired me to get card making again.
Below is the requested card,
the only thing I was told is that he wanted his wifes name on it.
So I was free to create! I am really pleased with this finished card.
Having made the large card this morning I decided to carry on with my own personal Christmas cards, below are 4 I have completed today.
I have spent time today putting glitter onto all the images today so they are ready to be used.
I have really enjoyed making these today.
On the card above and below I have used some seed beads to decorate the greetings section of card.
The final card below for today anyway!
Not quite the last of my Christmas cards yet!

Saturday, 20 October 2007

Why is it?

Why is it.... people come into our lives and make you change.

They also make offers to you that you hope they will keep.

Then for some reason or another they leave you high and dry.

I for one will have to forget pinning my hopes on people thinking they will help me.

Then they drop my hopes in the bin like a discarded piece of crumpled paper.

I have said it before, you would think I would learn by now

that people let you down without warning.

In the whole process I end up getting hurt and loose my trust in people again!

You do find out who your real friends are in life.

Thursday, 18 October 2007

Made these today and finished off the cards

I made these earrings for an order I had,
the customer requested long pink pair and short green pair.
These hoop earrings were my first go at this style,
I think they look quite special.
They are shell tear drops.
These are the same cards as the last entry to my blog,
just that now they are finished with metal greetings.
'Happy Christmas' or 'Let it Snow'
I have also added some wooden shape embellishments that are covered in glitter.
I think they add to the final finished cards.
I am pleased with these final cards, I am sure my children will look forward to giving them to their Daddy.

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Need a HUG

Been a tough weekend, but doing ok!

I have taken some time away from my crafting forum for a while, as I have not felt like chatting much. I have had a lot to think about this past weekend which has been quite emotional and it's kinda worn me out.
I will be back to my forum friends, but need the support of my people around me right now. Saying that though there are very few of them I can really talk to about what has been going on. Even then some of them will not understand whats happening around me.
Today is my long day at home without my OH, as he goes off to play snooker this evening. I enjoy my time don't get me wrong I just wish I could talk to people who need me right now!
So my card making has had to lift my spirits again and keep me going, I am so pleased I can loose myself in something I love.
Below are all the Christmas cards I have made for my close family members, plus two from the children to their daddy.

I love these fairy's, again from
These cards have the advantage of having two fairies per card.
My other Christmas cards only have one per card.
I also love the polar bears, I have matched the two smaller cards to one big one, so my OH has a whole set of PB's for himself.
The one above and below will be for Daddy!

All of these cards need the finishing touches, of greetings and names. Again though I had a fight with my glitter pot and ended up looking very pretty. Not sure what I feel like doing today... not that there is much time left before I return to the school to get my son.

Monday, 15 October 2007

some more of my work....

This is my most recent work for another order.
My first ever red bracelet.
As these were going to sisters I decided to give them both the same tibetan silver charms.
Two butterflies for sisterhood and a princess crown from their mum!
And below are the gift tins for the girls.

The pink tin is to go with the pink bracelet, the mauve is to go with the red.I think they will like these.