Friday, 1 February 2008

I welcome all visitors.

I would like to say a

Big Hello and Welcome to all the people that visit my little blog.

It means a lot to me to know you all enjoy seeing what I do.

I would love it all the more if you would sign my Guest book.

I am amazed at how many people visit,

I have seen many people with guest books bursting with faces.

So Please Please add your smile to my Guest book!

Todays cards

I was asked this morning to make a get well card.
I used paper nation decoupage for both cards.
I made this fun dog one...
Then thought she may not like it so I made a
sweet nurse too. At least she has a choice then.
I have also been working on this exploding box card,
For my sister Trace.
The lid.
Inside all layers. As you can see there is a pink theme!
This is actually a mini ATC for her to take out and keep.
One of the outer layers.
Another outer layer.

One of the outter layers has a pull out card,

where I will add my birthday greeting for her.

I would love your thoughts on this...