Thursday, 20 September 2007

A strange day

Its been one of those days when I feel I have done nothing. I did sit and sort some beads out and threaded them onto head pins. I don't have any orders at the moment but I do hope to have some more soon.
My back has been playing up again, no matter where I sit, stand or lie I have been in pain. I even hit the stronger pain killers today. I feel worn out, I am not sure if its the early morning catching up with me or if its the fact that I have done so much crafting that I have finally burnt out. (time will tell!)
Anyway, goodnight to you all.

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Zuzu's Blog said...

No you cant have burned out.. you will be needing a wee craft break .. i get that a lot .. a couple of days off (sometimes 2 weeks arrrggg) and then its back to normal..

hope you get inspired again xx