Thursday, 27 September 2007


Today I was busy making sure my house looked nice for my Mum coming to visit, it was important for me as I have started to feel more like myself. I wanted my Mum to see how much better I was feeling, and that the house was not being neglected anymore.

After having back surgery in June I was unable to do so much, both my Mum and OH did so much to keep our house running and family happy.

I wanted to let my Mum know how much I appreciated all she had done for us, so today I took care of her. She has not long gone home and called me to say she had a lovely day. Also adding how happy she was to see me back to normal.

Even after all the work I had done... I sat down this morning with time to spare.... Finally my christmas card making has started. I made 6 basic cards that look great already, they still need embellishments and greetings added which I will do tomorrow. Its great to say they are being made! ( I had said so often that I needed to start them)

Once again I have been unable to chat to my friends, but I am sure they know how much I care about them, and how much I miss talking to them. I know they will keep up to date with me some how.... I just have to be patient.

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