Monday, 17 March 2008

Some Easter Goodies

I saw these little gift packets on someones blog!
(when I find it again I will link you to it!)
I just had to have a go at making these for
my nieces and nephews.
There are two sugar nellie stamps.
Two Tildas and two cute bunnies from 'Auntys shop'

Daring Card Makers Teen Spirit

"Well I thought we have had plenty of flowers and hearts
and girly things so I would like some cards
with some teen spirit please."
Here is my card for teen spirit,
I thought the handbag and shoes were just right.
I think becoming a teenager is the time you
begin to think about shoes etc
(Well it was when I became a teenager!)

More Easter Cards...

Here are the final pictures of the Easter cards.
I really enjoyed matching rabbits to paper.
Even baby bunny got in on the act!
I was given the rabbit boarder paper.
The card below has had my doodles added to it!
The final card to show you...
It looks blue with a green ribbon.
The actual card is green too.

Its no wonder I am all bunnied out!