Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Ive been tagged....

Many thanks Jo for this, I am not so sure you will want to know
my 7 random things but here goes!

1. I have always been called Nick Nick by close Family(from my middle name Nichola, stopped be wondering if people were talkin to my dad Terry!)

2. I love love love chocolate

3. I have so many moles on my body, that I am sure you could design a picture with them (dot to dot)

4. Music means so much to me, I would be lost with out any music at all.

5. I had my palm read once when I was a teenager and most of it came true.

6. I have always been into Star Signs, at the hight of my passion I knew each one and what kind of person they would be. Now I can't remember half of it.

7. I was the first member of my Family to have a mobile phone, my Lovely Uncle asked me what I wanted one for, at the time it was for personal safety, walking to and from work. Now I am lost without it!

The people to pass this onto are:-


Crafting Diva

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Saturday Sketch # 24 & Spoon full of sugar Challenge.

I must be on a roll, this is the third sketch
I have done today.
Saturday sketch # 24
Here is my card which is also
for A spoon full of sugar challenge,
I have really enjoyed doing this card today
along with the two sketches below
on Willow Sketchie challenge blog.

Willow sketchie # 2

HA! for once I am up to speed!
This is the Willow Sketchie # 2
A close up of the flower and greeting.
A close up of the sweet Fairy,
Stamp is from Spiral Whispers.

Gems to make her sparkle and glitter
gel pens to highlight her skirt and hair.
Here is the finished card,
I thought I would work in green for a change!
Hope you all like it.

Willow sketchie # 1

As usual I was too late to submit this for last weeks challenge,
this was Willows sketchie #1
Here is my take on that great sketch.
The Cat is a Magnolia stamp,
Highlighted with gel pen,
to match the pink in the brad.
I hope you all like it!
Check out Willows Sketchies,
link at bottom of challenge blog list.
Better get cracking on the new one today!

Monday, 10 November 2008


I came on line this morning to find a comment from
Saying I had to check out her blog.
She has given me this amazing AWARD!
I only helped her sort out some issues with her blog
and taught her how to do a link!
Sally I am proud to Call you my friend,
Thank you so much.

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Look what lovely goodies I got today!

I had a lovely surprise this morning from Claire,
I had been lucky to win some of her lovely
pass it forward candy!
This is what I found, a super purple wallet.
Inside were all the goodies below,
Some stamped images, none I have myself.
Some foil, florists ribbon and some
narrow black and white ribbon.
Now I will be thinking of what to offer on my blog,
Watch this space!
Plus I still need to do some
blog candy for my blog anniversary last August!!

New Award....

aka Bubbles had this award
and was passing it onto everyone.
As I didn't have this one on my slide
on the right hand side.
I decided to add it to my blog,
I know Joanne is a regular visitor to my blog.
So I hope it was ok that I shared it out.
Now I need to think of who I would like to pass this on to,
I don't know how many people to pass this onto so I choose :
I hope you all like your award, cos I do love your blogs!

Thursday, 6 November 2008

I have been creative and clever!

I know that title sounds like I am blowing my own trumpet!
I am a great fan of challenge blogs,
loving the sketches we get a chance to play with.
My main problem was, I couldn't always remember
how a sketch was done. I had to keep going to the computer to
look. (big problem if it was being used by someone else!)
So I decided to make use of a book I had waiting to be altered,
by decorating the front.
Pictured below, and then hand draw each sketch into
this book for personal use when I wanted a sketch to follow.
Here is a close up of the front cover,
another big love of mine a Tilda stamp.

Of course I had to use a sketch on the front too.
This is a Saturday sketch #3
One I never had the chance to use in time for the
challenge blog.

With added ribbons to make it look even better!
Inside are the sketches that I really like and
will use again and again.
The ones I know who designed them will have
the name added with it so each time I use it I can then
tell everyone who it was designed by.
One sketch per page gave me room to show
it in detail as to how the sketch worked.

I know you probably wonder why i didn't just print them out

straight from the computer? My main issue is we

always run out of ink too fast!

Now I have a lovely book full of insperation just for me!

PS:- Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments,

I would be thrilled to know I have inspired others to

do this project too!

Thats the whole idea of showing things on my blog.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

I have made an ATC!

Its been a while since I last made some Atc's for any swaps!
But I was inspired to make one for a competition
on the Cardmaking and paper craft forum.
The theme was Snowmen, right up my street
with all my Christmas items surrounding me.

BUT... I can not show you any pictures because,
the voting is done without people knowing who they
vote for.

I Promise to show you when the competition has finished.
This is just a little one I decided to throw together tonight.

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Found some Candy...

I found some yummy Candy at Bumble bee Create Blog
Go and check it out...CANDY
Good luck to all who take part!