Monday, 11 May 2009

A month has gone by but I have been busy...

I bought some card kits from the Range,
here are the ones I have made up.
An Ideal birthday card.
One for the ladies I know.

Another bear with flowers,
plus a spine to hold it all together.

Another bear on a tag.
And another one just right for a lady.
Tell me what you think, please x

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

More Arts of Card, this time with decoupage

Here are some new cards, made last night.
Using some die cut decoupage sheets, from Daisy and Dandylion.
I wanted them to all look bright.
I also wanted them to look colour co-odinated.
I hope you have all enjoyed looking
at my new cards.

My Easter Bunnies

My two Easter bunnies !
With all their chocolate.
My yummy egg is the big one behind my daughter!

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Easter Cards

Here is a selection of Easter cards I have made
this year.

Some dufex cards too!

Little bunny for my daughter.
Picture a little blurred.
Cute bunnies from lilly of the vally

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Assorted Cards, with mixed images.

I have been through some images I had on my pc,
so I printed some off and made some cards.
I went through a browns and greens faze.
These are great cards suitable for any reason.

The one above is so bright with green and red mixed.
A larger bike card too.
A bright teddy card with matching flower.

I would love to know you thoughts about these cards.

Monday, 6 April 2009

A3 size decoupage card.

Here is a decoupage card I made as a thank you to all
the staff at my son's school.
The decoupage is 8 layers deep and took me all day to cut and make up.
I wanted to Thank the teachers for looking after my son while
he suffered with ITP ( no platelets in his blood/ not able to clot)
We gave it to the head teacher this morning, and she showed the whole school
they loved card and said they would get it framed and put it in the newly decorated
front lobby!
It was worth all the effort to see their smiles this morning.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Sons Birthday cards

A couple of cards made in advance for once!
These are for my son.
Top one will be from us,
this other one is from my daughter.
Guess how old he will be?!

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Some cards from March

A card for mothers day from my son,
he made it using the computer at school.
A card for me from my daughter, also for mothers day.
My Card I made for my mum, she loved it!

Pink card for my daughter for being so good at nursery and
having a great report.

A blue Well done card for my son,
again he had a great report from school.

Mixed bag of cards

I know I have been in hiding A long time.
In fact I have been having trouble with my Rheumatoid Arthritis.
So finding time when I am not in too much pain has been very hard.
Then finding time on here to show you all has been very difficult.
These two cards were from a kit I bought a while ago.
The following two I made for my husband from our children.

This one below was a vintage style card,
not saying my husband is vintage though!
I know its way past February, but that is how far behind I have been!
The inside of his card too, it was funny as I made one
with three pages, he bought one for me with three pages!

Monday, 9 March 2009

Time has gone so fast, but here is this years Easter bonnets!

Once again time has gone so very fast, so much for blogging more often!
Here is my daughter in her Easter bonnet,
Not really paper crafts but still it was sewing.
A view of the top of her bonnet.
( yes this is the same one I made last year)
It will be her first time to show it off at school.
This is a brand new effort this year for my son.
I made him an easter basket.
A photo showing you the top of his hat.
There are pictures of cards for me to show you, I haven't
linked the camera to my laptop yet!

Sunday, 8 February 2009

My goodness... How long has it been??

Hello all my Blogging friends....
I am sorry to see that I have not been one
here for a very very long time.
Christmas was great, though very quiet.
Sinced then we have been through
8 birthdays.... not one card made just for that
I have been using cards I had already made, that were in my box.
I have not made anything new apaprt from a card for my daugter!
I hope to get crafting again reaql soon,
I have had to move a lot of things around in my house.
So I hope a new place to sit and craft will inspire me.
Also I have been a very lucky girl to have a lap top computer.
So I have taken time to get it all working right and wireless too.
I will be BACK again real soon with some fresh stuff to show you.