Friday, 28 September 2007

More Christmas cards made today...

I made even more of these Christmas cards this afternoon, I have really enjoyed doing them too. Though I do wish I had left the glitter until tomorrow, as I knocked my pot of glitter over twice. I got covered both times! Then i squeezed my glue too hard and ended up with blobs in the wrong places.Considering the problems I had, these have turned out OK. Better than some of my Photos... I always seem to take better pictures during the day. During the darker evenings they come out all out of focus! Never mind you get the general idea of what they look like even when the are a little out of focus!
I love both the fairies and the polar bears this year. I am so pleased with the colour scheme.
I had totally different ideas for my cards until I went cyber shopping and found these winter fairies... then my mind was made up!

I am also pleased with the way some of my peel offs work with these, even though they were left over from last year.
These are the final ones today, as you can tell the picture is rubbish, but you get the idea.
I hope to get some more made of this size then I will work on making larger ones for close family members.

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