Thursday, 6 November 2008

I have been creative and clever!

I know that title sounds like I am blowing my own trumpet!
I am a great fan of challenge blogs,
loving the sketches we get a chance to play with.
My main problem was, I couldn't always remember
how a sketch was done. I had to keep going to the computer to
look. (big problem if it was being used by someone else!)
So I decided to make use of a book I had waiting to be altered,
by decorating the front.
Pictured below, and then hand draw each sketch into
this book for personal use when I wanted a sketch to follow.
Here is a close up of the front cover,
another big love of mine a Tilda stamp.

Of course I had to use a sketch on the front too.
This is a Saturday sketch #3
One I never had the chance to use in time for the
challenge blog.

With added ribbons to make it look even better!
Inside are the sketches that I really like and
will use again and again.
The ones I know who designed them will have
the name added with it so each time I use it I can then
tell everyone who it was designed by.
One sketch per page gave me room to show
it in detail as to how the sketch worked.

I know you probably wonder why i didn't just print them out

straight from the computer? My main issue is we

always run out of ink too fast!

Now I have a lovely book full of insperation just for me!

PS:- Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments,

I would be thrilled to know I have inspired others to

do this project too!

Thats the whole idea of showing things on my blog.