Friday, 14 September 2007

More crafting this evening

As I was out for the day yesterday, I took some decoupage sheets to cut up and layer while I was with my mum. I like to split the pictures too as I think sometimes there are too many layers. This way I get two cards for the cost of one.Both these Rabbit cards were off one sheet, I thought it was really cute.
I really love this teddy bear sheet, she is so sweet. I managed to do another picture on a smaller scale for an ATC.

Below is the 4th tin I have Altered, I think so Far this one has to be my Favourite.

Another view of my 4th tin.
I really love these embossed stickers, They are a delight to use and to give on cards or even my tins.
There were two cards very much the same though the boarders were different.
The other picture was too blurred. Probably because I was trying to keep sticky children's fingers from touching!
I have made this card for my sister, she is truly my best friend. I love to send her a card every now and then to show her how much she means to me.
This card was made using the other parts to the decoupage sheet... two cards for one again!

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