Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Ive been tagged....

Many thanks Jo for this, I am not so sure you will want to know
my 7 random things but here goes!

1. I have always been called Nick Nick by close Family(from my middle name Nichola, stopped be wondering if people were talkin to my dad Terry!)

2. I love love love chocolate

3. I have so many moles on my body, that I am sure you could design a picture with them (dot to dot)

4. Music means so much to me, I would be lost with out any music at all.

5. I had my palm read once when I was a teenager and most of it came true.

6. I have always been into Star Signs, at the hight of my passion I knew each one and what kind of person they would be. Now I can't remember half of it.

7. I was the first member of my Family to have a mobile phone, my Lovely Uncle asked me what I wanted one for, at the time it was for personal safety, walking to and from work. Now I am lost without it!

The people to pass this onto are:-


Crafting Diva