Friday, 16 November 2007

My son got dressed up in aid of Children in need

After tears this morning and moaning about not wanting to get dressed up,
he came home from school wearing his fire man outfit.
They all got dressed up in aid of Children In Need.
My little girl has been a princess all day!
Another great breakthrough, My son had an award for being good at dinner time, it had been a big battle, as he cried every morning about stopping at school for his dinner.
I am so proud of him for doing so well.
My daughter has also stopped having a dummy.... the dummy fairy came and took them away last night, we bought her a 'fifi' doll to cuddle and hold when she wanted her dummy.
She went all night without one, and all day today!
It must be the week for good thing's happening.

Here are some more cards!

Here is this card finally finished! With greeting and edges.
Here is a toe tapper card...
Below is a toe tapper card made using some papers from a disc I bought from 'Funky hand'
A blue flip flop card, this is an actual card that opens,
plus a matching blue box.
A yellow flip flop card, with flower and ribbon trim.
Including a matching box.

Here is my little girl as a princess, she wanted to dress up for children
in need like her brother, who should be a fireman! (but changed his mind at the last moment!)