Saturday, 6 October 2007

Busy time....

Here is one of the first things I did this week, I had an ATC swap with fellow forum member MotherDuck. This is the return one I have made for her including a matching envelope.
I have also joined in my first ever Bookmark swap, I decided on an oriental theme.
The Dragon is embossed onto red card.
This one below has a really nice sticker image on it. I am quite pleased with the finished look of these. On the forum I am also running a Christmas Topper Swap. We each make 5 toppers for cards then everyone will send them to me, So I can swap them around and send 5 different ones back out. Below are my first three. Of course they match all the Christmas cards I have been making this year.
Topper 2 below.Topper 3This card is for my Niece, its her birthday tomorrow. Again here are the lovely Fairies.

Below is the final finished Bracelet made for a new Mum. The final item I added was the little silver cup with baby on it. I think its the great final touch.
The two black and silver bracelets are for another forum friend (Bubbles). She asked for two black and silver bracelets. They have worked out much better than I thought they would.

Below are two bracelets made for a fellow Mum at my sons school. She asked for them first thing Friday morning. I had everything done and made from scratch by 2.45pm. These are the first ones I have made in one whole colour.
This one was also part of the order. I amazed myself by making these and a bracelet for myself before 3pm! I still have to take a picture of my bracelet.Finally, I sat making this one late last night, that's part of the reason why I was still awake gone midnight.... This one is for my Niece for her birthday tomorrow, 7th October this is a surprise for her.So even though I have had to battle with terrible back pain and headaches I still managed to make things to keep me occupied. I love crafting... if only there were more hours to a day!

Loading all I did Friday....

I was going to sit here and load all the things I have done today.... ( Friday) as It's now Saturday morning I think it can wait until a later hour today.... though I am really pleased with all I did. Considering I had one of my really bad heads again. I went to be d about 5.30pm and slept for a couple of hours.
This bracelet was made on Thursday I made it for my sister in-law. She was thrilled with it.
I will up load the rest later today (Saturday)
Off to bed now, good night all.