Sunday, 8 February 2009

My goodness... How long has it been??

Hello all my Blogging friends....
I am sorry to see that I have not been one
here for a very very long time.
Christmas was great, though very quiet.
Sinced then we have been through
8 birthdays.... not one card made just for that
I have been using cards I had already made, that were in my box.
I have not made anything new apaprt from a card for my daugter!
I hope to get crafting again reaql soon,
I have had to move a lot of things around in my house.
So I hope a new place to sit and craft will inspire me.
Also I have been a very lucky girl to have a lap top computer.
So I have taken time to get it all working right and wireless too.
I will be BACK again real soon with some fresh stuff to show you.