Monday, 10 March 2008

Daring Card Makers

Take A Break
Hello everyone, it's Mel here again!
Welcome to our new dare - 'Take a break!'
The dare involves creating a card incorporating a tea bag or coffee satchel
- just perfect for days when somebody may need a quiet rest and break.
I'm really looking forward to seeing what you all create for the dare.
Here is my take on the Challenge, just a shame
I wouldn't be able to send a cake a-long with it!
Have a Cuppa on me !

Easter Bonnet (HAT)!

Easter Bonnets (Hats for BOY's)
Its never easy is it.... but here is my attempt
at keeping my son Happy!
Did you know??
An Easter Bonnet is a type of hat that women and girls wear to Easter services,
and in the Easter parade following it.
The Easter bonnet tradition derives from "olden times"
when people dressed up every Sunday to go to church.
Ladies purchased new and elaborate designs for particular church services,
and in the case of Easter,
taking the opportunity of the end of Lent to buy luxury items.
ON the 19th March my son will take part in
the Easter parade at school.
So here is my effort for him,
I used an old cap as a base.
It looks so cute on too...
though the teeth can get in the way!
I would love to know what you all think of it?
This is only my second time at making a hat!