Thursday, 29 November 2007

I also made this for a gift...

I fell in love with this image and decided to use it as the main
feature for a notelet set for my niece, as a Christmas gift.
I also added some contrasting silk flowers.
Below is how the notelet folder looks on the inside.
I have done 10 pages of matching paper.
I hope she likes it, I had always thought of her as 'cute'!I am so pleased with this finished folder, so pleased that a forum
friend Joanne (Bubbles) took time to show us all how to make it.

Some FUN Cards

I wanted to make something totally different to the other cards I have made for Christmas.
These ones are a bit of fun and should make people smile.
I love the penguin below, really cute.
Rocking Robin!The cute Santa looks great with the parcel paper background.I just love these two great snowmen.
The one below has a cute snowman background,
and a folded front to add interest.

It was nice to make something different to all the fairies and polar bears.

Wonderful Christmas Card

Here is the fantastic Christmas card from my sister Trace (aka Spackandee)
Look at all the detail on this card.
The stocking, the Christmas lights, the clock and mirror the mini cards
which are all different!
The wonderful tree with Fab star, and the gifts!
The time it must have taken to make all of these wonderful cards.
Mine are so plain!
Trace, I had to show it off, I am so impressed with your work.

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

My first Chritsmas card...

My wonderful sister Trace came round to visit us this evening...

I had no idea why.... Well she gave us the most amazing Christmas card!

I know its still only November, but she said she didn't wish to be late...

I will photo it tomorrow when the light is better,

and show you all her wonderful work.

Yet she always says that I out do her all the time!

As if it is a competition between us?

I don't think so.

I know for a fact we share ideas all the time!

Its been a busy few days...

I have been busy decorating some items my wonderful dad has made for my children.
Two mini boxes that I have personalised for my son and daughter.
I will show them to you at some point, but cant do it while both little ones are around.
Also I have been decorating a wonderful wooden Advent box.
My dad made again for my children. Its been taking up most of my time.
It still has work to do and I will show it when I have finished it.
Below are some padlocks and key charms I have put together, to sell on ebay.
I wanted to do this ages ago, and only just got around to it while I was waiting for things to dry.
Below is another set of mobile phone charms,
the one below has a silver charm saying be yourself.
The one below is actually pink!
The flash wiped all the colour out of it!
It looks great in real life.
The purple one is actually a glass bead with a pink rose on both sides.The red one below is an order from Debsy off the CM&PC Forum.I love the red ones, they really stand out!

Sunday, 25 November 2007

More new things to show you...

Here is another new item from me,
I thought these could be used as a bag charm,
or even on a key ring.
I also thought the little men would be great for the boys in our lives!

As they are so light weight I think they will still work as a mobile phone charm.

Another bag charm.
The one above is a little special... possibly a one off!Another fun little man.The one above is a great green butterfly mobile phone charm.Another pink one.And a special red one.The red one above has a cluster of bells,
though they do not jingle.
The one above is for an order, made for a young man.I really like the lemon one.
That's the last one made this session.
I have listed some of these for sale on Ebay,
this is the first time I have tried to sell them away from the CM&PC forum.

Friday, 23 November 2007

A day of FIRSTS!

Its my day for trying to make things I have never done before.

Here is a notelet folder, one of my forum friends had made,

then kindly taught us how to make them.

I had made this for my mum, a little gift.
Until my son took his scissors to it and cut the front cover.
This is the inside of the folder, with the 10 sheets of paper.Below is the paper, with elephants on the top of some sheets,
and some pictures on the bottom of the page.Below is another new project for me.
An exploding box card.
The lid.The sides.The whole of the inside with the lid beside it.The inside of the outer pages,
the lid is holding the inner pages together.
Another look at the inside.

I am quite pleased with the finished box, I was a little afraid of what to put in it!

I think it has the right balance!

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

My New Line!

Well here is my new line!
Mobile Phone charms, or they can be attached to handbags.
A close up of each one.
Green with butterflyPinkPurple with a tibetian silver Laugh charm.Red with a glass ladybird and silver butterfly.
These have proved to be popular already,
I have already sold four of the five I made this evening.

Monday, 19 November 2007

Todays beading.

The black set below is for an order.
I have really enjoyed making these today.
Also for the same order are these purple earrings.
Below is a brown bracelet for a mum of a close friend.
She had one for her birthday, then her mum asked for one too!
I like the way that word of mouth works for me.

The cream & brown box is to go with the brown bracelet.
The black and white one will be for the black set.
Just another view of these boxes....
I have yet to get customer feedback on these boxes.
I am not even sure if they will be liked!

Friday, 16 November 2007

My son got dressed up in aid of Children in need

After tears this morning and moaning about not wanting to get dressed up,
he came home from school wearing his fire man outfit.
They all got dressed up in aid of Children In Need.
My little girl has been a princess all day!
Another great breakthrough, My son had an award for being good at dinner time, it had been a big battle, as he cried every morning about stopping at school for his dinner.
I am so proud of him for doing so well.
My daughter has also stopped having a dummy.... the dummy fairy came and took them away last night, we bought her a 'fifi' doll to cuddle and hold when she wanted her dummy.
She went all night without one, and all day today!
It must be the week for good thing's happening.

Here are some more cards!

Here is this card finally finished! With greeting and edges.
Here is a toe tapper card...
Below is a toe tapper card made using some papers from a disc I bought from 'Funky hand'
A blue flip flop card, this is an actual card that opens,
plus a matching blue box.
A yellow flip flop card, with flower and ribbon trim.
Including a matching box.

Here is my little girl as a princess, she wanted to dress up for children
in need like her brother, who should be a fireman! (but changed his mind at the last moment!)