Saturday, 27 October 2007

Another busy day....

Another busy day for me, I am so pleased that I am selling my jewellery.
Below is a complete black bracelet as ordered by a forum friend.
Below is a matching black beaded handbag charm.
This is only the second one I have ever made.
A different forum friend also asked for stud fastening earrings.
She has got the green pair below and the next pair of red ones.

My final pair made for today were another order.
I am not even sure if they are sold yet, she may not even like these!
I really love the colour purple.
Another fan of the stud fastenings.... I didn't know these would be so popular.
I will have to make another order for the studs soon.

Is it Possible....?

I was up for some time this morning, between cups of tea....
and a thought struck me...

Is it possible to meet your sole mate even if you're married to someone else?

I have had the wonderful feeling of meeting a friend for the first time a few weeks ago....

We connected like we knew each other before...

Had things been different in my life I think this friend of mine was my sole mate!

Things happen and time goes by before you realise the impact a person has on your life,

now its too late to take steps to change things, this person is no longer around.

Can not believe it....

Can you believe it?
Its 5am in the morning....
This stupid sore throat and cough have woken me,
now I can not go back to sleep.
I am not normally one to be up this early in the morning...
Unless I am poorly, well it looks like this blooming sore throat is
winning... I just wish I knew when my body would fight back.
This is one of the joys of having children,
they love to share all germs with you!
All 4 of us in this family are at some stage of illness right now,
it looks like I am the worst off, everyone else is fast asleep.
I think I will have another cup of tea...
then try bed again!