Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Decided to make some things for myself.

After being so busy making things for other people
I decided to make some things for myself.
Below is a green bracelet I made today,
I don't normally wear green!!
But I had a lovely Green skirt for Christmas,
and realised I had nothing green to wear jewellery wise!!
I made myself some matching earrings
Also a white handbag charm, to go on a burgundy bag.

And the final thing I made this evening,
was a charm for my embossing tool.
They are identical to the mobile phone charms.
This picture is not very good, I will have to take it again another time.

After all the worry....

After all the stress of Monday evening,
the order I had been working on was put to one side.
Tuesday was my daughters 3rd Birthday,
here we are singing happy birthday.
Before she blew out the candles.
I have today finished the order.
Below is a Black mobile phone charm,
though I know it will be used on an embossing tool!Below is the bracelet for the order,
Brown and pink, I didn't think it would work but it looks great!
And below is a matching mobile phone charm.
Again Brown and pink!I went out today and got some water colour pencils,
but must have picked up the wrong kind!
So they have to go back.... never mind
I also got some other goodies but didn't over spend.