Friday, 27 June 2008

So much for thinking I was giving up!!!

As my friends had kindly pointed out... not to give up! LOL,
the thought came right out of my mind.
I have booked a table in My son's school summer Fair!
So, out came my beading and a load of cards that
were ready to sell!
I now have 4 boxes of different cards, and a selection of
beading made and being made.
The fair is a week tomorrow!!!!
I will take some photos of the day and show them to you.

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Race For Life

On Wednesday 9th July I will be doing the Race for life at Coombe Abby Park.
This could be the final year I will do this, as I have been suffering
so much with pain in my back and now my feet!
I do this race in honour of my Mum in-law who died of Cancer
2005, the same year my Daughter was born.
My Mum in-law fought Cancer for 5 long years.
PLEASE PLEASE sponsor me, there is a link on the top of this page on the
left hand side. I would love to raise around £100 but if I could raise more
then that would make my last time even better.
I also wish to remember a dear Neighbour Arthur Goldsmith,
who sadly passed away earlier this month.
Wish me luck, I may just come in last... but at least I will do my very best.

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Is there a time when you just give up?

Is there a time when you just give up?... ...
I guess thats how I am feeling just now,
that maybe I should sell everything crafty
and give up on trying to make anything.
I have even stopped visiting my beloved crafty forum
because I feel out of it.
I haven't touched my desk in days,
even weeks now.
Im not giving up YET!
But its been a thought in my mind for a long time.
I have been spending time playing around in Facebook,
I feel at home there just playing and having
a laugh.
I am still Alive and kicking... really!
just not as active.