Sunday, 26 August 2007

Been Beading and enjoying the sunny weather.

I can not believe that its been a few days since I last blogged, though I did think this may happen as life and family come first.
Anyway, I have been busy beading for a change, as A couple of friends had requested me to make them bracelets. I am really pleased with how they worked out.

This one is for a forum friend.... (Cardmaking and papercraft forum)
The next one is for my next door neighbour, she fell in love with one I was wearing and nearly fell over in shock when I told her that I made it for myself.
and the final one is for my next door neighbours girl, its a birthday gift for next wednesday, I only found out about her birthday on friday, so decided I had to get making them straight away. I also hate to keep people waiting.

I just hope they are liked by them all.

I have been enjoying the sun we have been having, its been so lovely and warm for a change. We need it so much after all the rain we have had to suffer. I love the sun, it makes me want to get busy either in the house, garden or crafting! I just hope the sun is here to stay.

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