Wednesday, 22 August 2007

My tatoo, plus I had a busy night!

After many years of thought I finally decided to have a tatoo while I was on holiday.

This butterfly is on my ankle, the leg where I suffered so much with the sciatic pain.

I think the butterfly is a symbol of me flying away from the pain and suffering I have gone through this year.

Here are my works of art from last night.

I had to make some new home cards, though hubby didn't like the pattern on the first two houses!

So it was a case of third time lucky. I think they all look ok really, but it was hubbys choice after all the card was for him to send.


mum on the run said...

Great cards, I love that die cut!!

Fab tatt :)

Zuzu's Blog said...

OO nice adaptable design for a new home card .. ( I cant do new home cards tut)
well done x