Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Had a busy afternoon, I love these images!

I have to say that I love these images from : http://www.liliofthevalley.co.uk/LILIOFTHEVALLEY.CO/index.html I have fallen in love with the fairy collection and thought that the added glitter on the wings of rose made her look pretty.
I had to make this card for tomorrow, but got carried away with the other images i found. I think they have a wonderful quality to them.

This is another of my favourite cards today, it worked out so much better than I thought it would.

Something a little different, which will do as a congratulations card or birthday.

This football card is the scond time I have used this image, its very good for boys or men that love football.
Plain and simple always seem to work well, plus of course lilac is my favourite colour.

I also had to make this card today.... this is for a school friend of my son's, he will be going to his party tonight.

This is also another picture I have used again, my nephew loved a card like this one.

This card is embossed in the corners with a flower design, I thought a singer had to have a flower tribute!

This one is cute as so many people use the computer these days. Just some versatile cards for different occasions.

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