Saturday, 12 April 2008

I must be CRAZY!!

I must be totally mad!!! Crazy and everything else!!
I have suddenly decided to do a party for my son.
His birthday is on the 20th.
I am doing the party the day before at home! AHHHHHH!

I have designed the invitations on the computer,
for ease and speed! Lazy I know being a card maker.

But time is really against me.... I must be mad but really excited!
He has decided on 10 friends from school and his 4 cousins
plus his sister.

Wish me luck!


Bubbles said...

Yep definately crazy LOL...!!!
I did the same thing with Lillie's invites but made little thank you cards.
Good to see you back by the way!

Mel said...

partys on short notice are the best as you havent got enough time to worry so much...have fun

LazyKay said...

Good luck - just make sure you've got your ear plugs, altho' boys aren't quite as squeely as girls!

I always make invitations on the computer, you can always stick a wee embellie on afterwards if you want to add a bit.


Jo said...

Hiya Kerry, well? how'd the party go?
a houseful of over-excited kiddies, party food and noise! lol
I bet everyone (including you) had a lovely time
did you have headache pills on standby tho? ;)

Jo said...

ooops! wheres my manners, sorry, forgot to say...

Happy belated Birthday to your son xx

Claire Jeffreys said...

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