Monday, 28 April 2008

Been Through some tough times....

I have been through some tough times,
remembering some losses that have had a
large effect on me. I have been very low.
Plus feeling that I had let my son and his friends
down by having to cancel the party etc...
I know its not my fault we got ill, but you do put
yourself through so many thoughts of how
you could have avoided being ill....
Any way, I count my blessings, I have my wonderful
children and family. Plus some fantastic friends who
have been with me through thick and thin.
On a positive... I am feeling brighter, even though crafting
is not high on the list yet!
My family spent Saturday evening with us to bring gifts for Taylor,
and see him for his Birthday, only a week later!
I have sent out Party Invitations again for
Saturday the 3rd May. This means Taylors birthday
is lasting 3 weekends!
Lets hope all goes well this time.
Thank you Everyone for taking time to give me messages and support.
It means the world to me.


Sally Bentham said...

Hi Kerry, glad to hear that you and the family are on the up. Hope your son has a wonderful party I like to spread out my birthday as well, kid after my own heart. You take care and big (((hugs)))

LazyKay said...

Glad the party's back on - I'm sure they will love it, late or not - and the weather might even be a bit better.

Hope you're picking up soon.


traciejane said...

Hi Kerrie, glad your starting to feel better and the parties back on. Im one who always spends at least a week or two celebrating my birthday..hope the party goes well.

Tracie :-)x
p.s love your new signature x