Wednesday, 20 February 2008

A little sunshine.

I am sending everyone sunshine and smiles.
I think we all need them right now!
I have been at the hospital these past two mornings.
Long stories short,
I am being looked at as they think I could have the start
of rheumatiod arthritis.
Blood tests and x-rays of hands and feet done.
An ultra sound scan to come on my hands.
I go back in 3-4 Months.
They think I am not showing signs yet but it could be the start!
Today I went about loss of feeling in my right foot.
Another long story, after surgery on my spine last summer.
To relieve sciatic pain, I noticed my right foot had lost sensations.
Today I have learnt, IT will NEVER get better,
but I am lucky not to loose power!
Return in a year to make sure it stays as it is,
then I will be discharged.
Oh well at least I am living and walking.

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