Thursday, 21 February 2008

A gift for a Teacher on maternity leave.

My son's school teacher has left to have a baby,
so I made this as a gift from us for her babies nursery.
A more detailed view of each section.
These were the packaging from some rolls of ribbon.
Of course I had to use Tilda stamps!The back of the top one, for details of baby.The middle section.I had to use colours to suit both boys and girls.I thought a photo might fit well on here.The last section, a cute tilda with a baby.I also thought it would be nice for them to write there first thoughts down.
She was very pleased with her gift, and said she would hang it in baby's room.


Jo said...

how lovely!! wtg !

Cazzy said...

That is lovely Kerry, not sure about the pregnant Tilda as she looks like a child! Lovely gift.