Friday, 23 November 2007

A day of FIRSTS!

Its my day for trying to make things I have never done before.

Here is a notelet folder, one of my forum friends had made,

then kindly taught us how to make them.

I had made this for my mum, a little gift.
Until my son took his scissors to it and cut the front cover.
This is the inside of the folder, with the 10 sheets of paper.Below is the paper, with elephants on the top of some sheets,
and some pictures on the bottom of the page.Below is another new project for me.
An exploding box card.
The lid.The sides.The whole of the inside with the lid beside it.The inside of the outer pages,
the lid is holding the inner pages together.
Another look at the inside.

I am quite pleased with the finished box, I was a little afraid of what to put in it!

I think it has the right balance!

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anne said...

I love the exploding box!!!!!