Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Its been a busy few days...

I have been busy decorating some items my wonderful dad has made for my children.
Two mini boxes that I have personalised for my son and daughter.
I will show them to you at some point, but cant do it while both little ones are around.
Also I have been decorating a wonderful wooden Advent box.
My dad made again for my children. Its been taking up most of my time.
It still has work to do and I will show it when I have finished it.
Below are some padlocks and key charms I have put together, to sell on ebay.
I wanted to do this ages ago, and only just got around to it while I was waiting for things to dry.
Below is another set of mobile phone charms,
the one below has a silver charm saying be yourself.
The one below is actually pink!
The flash wiped all the colour out of it!
It looks great in real life.
The purple one is actually a glass bead with a pink rose on both sides.The red one below is an order from Debsy off the CM&PC Forum.I love the red ones, they really stand out!

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anne said...

Ypu been busy!!!! Love these mobile charms.