Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Some more Altered tins.

I bought these tins via E-bay, from USA. They are meant to be used for candle making.
I have decorated three so far as Christmas gifts for friends who are crafty, as I will put mojo inspired messages in them for when they need a challenge or when they are stuck for ideas on what to make.
Top picture is the lid of tin 1, next picture is side 1 of tin 1. I used scrapbook papers to decorate the bottoms and sides of all the tins. Added embossed stickers for extra colour.
Below is the other side of tin one.... I think these have come out better than I expected.

Below is tin two, a slightly different flower for the top.
It goes with the colour scheme though.
Side one of tin 2, even though this was my first go at this size of tin... if I do say so myself I think they have worked well.

And the other side of tin 2, I matched the butterfly with the lemon shade of paper.

Below is the final one out of three, this flower is the same as tin 1, but slightly smaller.

Side 1 of tin 3, are you confused yet? I am!
This is the other side of tin 3.... Again I have tried to decorate it in matching colours.
I would love your comments on these.
I have no idea what today will bring in the crafty sense.... time will tell and I will be back to show you all more!

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anne said...

Lovely tins Kerry. Very nice!!!!!