Monday, 10 September 2007

Another creative time....

I can not believe how long it has been since I last added to my blog, though I have been busy trying to get ahead with up coming birthdays and anniversary's, before I begin making my Christmas cards. A big thing that does get in my way though is making ATC's. I have just been unable to stop making them. the one below is called Enchanted.The set of three below are all geisha's I have loved doing oriental theme for quite a while now, it all began when I was asked to do an altered puzzle piece with oriental theme.
These love theme Atc's were made for fun, but they kind of look nice and fun!

Some more love Atc's.

These tins below were an experiment to see if I could alter them... They turned out ok, better than I thought they would. I think they would make nice gift boxes to give my Handcrafted bracelets in.

I had to let my Son know how well he did on his first morning in reception class. He took this card in the following day to show his teacher.

This year I have been married for 7 years, the time has gone so fast. I made this card last night for my dear hubby. Once again though I have made it blue just like our colour theme on our wedding day.

The card below is for my best friend, they have been married 6 years in October. Again I have made it totally without thinking in the matching colour scheme.

This is for a special lady who turns 60 next month. I hope she likes the style of card.

And finally, one card I am really pleased with is this one, for my best friends daughter who is three next month... She loves Disney. This one being her favourite.

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