Monday, 13 June 2011

How much time has gone by ?


I realised that its been a whole long year

since I last made a post on here.

My son is now 8 and is doing so well in school.

My daughter is now 6, and also doing so very well in school.

As for me,
My whole life has changed in a year.
I am now Seperated from my husband,
almost divorced, another thing that takes
almost a year to do.

I live in my own place, with my children, they

visit there dad every day and most weekends are

spent with him.

We are lucky enough to go away on holidays and

weekends to Great Yarmouth.

I am happier now, I know that one day

the hurt wont be so bad,

and I will be able to remember good times.

So now I am on my own,

loving the independance.

And being the best mum I could be ever x