Friday, 27 June 2008

So much for thinking I was giving up!!!

As my friends had kindly pointed out... not to give up! LOL,
the thought came right out of my mind.
I have booked a table in My son's school summer Fair!
So, out came my beading and a load of cards that
were ready to sell!
I now have 4 boxes of different cards, and a selection of
beading made and being made.
The fair is a week tomorrow!!!!
I will take some photos of the day and show them to you.


Cazzy said...

Well there is a turnaround, and nice to see! I wish I could be so productive Kerry, I am not feeling up to it right now.

Claire said...

Great to see you've got your enthusiasm for crafting back. Good luck at the fair.

Claire (CraftyC)

Lazykay said...

Pleased you're back on your 'horse' look forward to seeing what you've made.


Bubbles said...

Good luck with it Kerry!