Sunday, 18 May 2008

Finally made some cards

These are not like my usual cards,
as I have not made cards for a very long time.
I wanted to start simple and then expand from there.
I also wanted to use some images
I have had for a long time.
The Teddy below was heat embossed
quite a while ago, I just got around to using it.

A simple butterfly card.My Great Nephew was one in the 14th of May.My Great niece will be 3 in August.As I haven't crafted for a while,
I feel these cards are very simple and plain.
but they did get me into making some more
a little better than these!


Heather's Creations said...

Lovely cards Kerry :) There is nothing wrong with going back to basics every now and then, that way we have something to grow from :)
Lovely to "see" you again :)

Heather x

LazyKay said...

Lovely cards - I like your little easel for displaying them.

I don't know how you make so many lovely cards.