Saturday, 29 March 2008

Not felt up to blogging

I havent felt up to blogging this week.
The main reason being that
6yrs ago this month I lost my first baby.
Even though I have managed to get through
this rough time, ok.
I still felt a little sad and low, needed some
time for myself.

Its been lovely to come back on here and
find that I have been given some awards and that I have been
Thank you Mel for this tag
1. put a link to the person who tagged you
2 . mention the rules to this
3. mention 6 things about you
4. tagg 6 other people with linking
5. leave comments on these people's blogs that you have tagged them

I would like to tag

6 things you will learn about me!!
1. I have a scar across my nose that I did as a child,
jumping under a worktop.
2. I have had 6 operations! (i'm only 36!)
3. I love reading Danielle Steel books.
4. My favourite movie is Dirty Dancing,
I could say it word for word!
5. I am addicted to Magnolia Tilda stamps!
6. I met my husband through a blind date,
he answered my advert in lonely hearts.


Cazzy said...

Now look here woman! I tagged you on your last post, as well as Mel!

No seriously, thanks for tagging me back Kerry but I have been tagged 3 times now, or is it 4? I don't think I can cope with going through it again this soon!

ink'n'rubba said...

gentle hugs to you. annie x

Kazmac said...

Thankyou for tagging me :-)