Friday, 21 March 2008

How to make the Gift Pouches.

Here are some instructions on how to make
these lovely gift pouches.
You need:
Paper or card 6.5inches x 4.5 inches ( for the size above)
Scissors, Double sided tape.
Cut your paper to size.
Mine were 8inches x 6inches in the photos.
Any size works well.Put double sided tape along both long sides
and across one short side.
Bring the short sides together,
to make a tube (like a toilet roll centre)Squash down one end.Ribble it.Fill with goodies.Twist and squash other end.Ribble it.Finish and decorate as you like!


Mel said...

thanks for that little tutorial....they look soo lovely

Claire said...

Thanks for showing us how you made these fantastic little goody bags.

traciejane said...

Oh wow these are fabulous - thanks for the demonstration... I dont have a Ribble Machine (never seen this before)looks fab :-)x

Anonymous said...

Thanks for showing on how to make these kerry, am going to give them a try.