Thursday, 6 March 2008

Another project I am still working on....

I have been working on this for my wonderful Sister.
Just because I want to!
Here is the front cover and pages spread out.
I have been making my fat book pages,
and loving the way they have turned out I wanted to
make this for Trace.
The front cover up close.
Trace loves Butterflies, just like me!
I have really enjoyed doodling!This page has since been turned over for the plain pink side.
I have added a silk flower,
as she has loved the one on our parents book.Another pretty mauve page!A bright page, that will have a photo on it.The inside of the back cover,
this matches the front cover.

And a picture of the back of all the pages.

I still have work to do on this but was
so excited and wanted to share with you all.

For My Sister.


Bubbles said...

Really lovely Kerry, a sweet gift!

Cazzy said...

This is lovely Kerry as is your parents book!

Kazmac said...

Thats a really nice book kerry bet your sis will be well pleased! :)

traciejane said...

I'd be excited to Kerry its gorgeous, such pretty colour and a lot of hard work - fabulous :-)x