Wednesday, 27 February 2008

A rough Day!

We have had a little bit of a rough day.
My son as you know if you look at his picture wears glasses.
He had an eye test at school on Friday and failed
( we knew about his weak eye as he is wearing glasses!)
Monday evening I get a phone call asking to make an appointment to the eye department.
I was left worried etc, but thought it would come quick enough, anyway.
We were there for hours, after seeing 3 different people, plus being told he needs new glasses again!
We were told he has a weak left eye!
They want him to have his glasses for 6 weeks then go back as they do help straighten his eye.... Then we may have to go through patching it.
I know its all in his favour if we work on this and try to help him!
It just seemed like a waste of time and school day to find out what we already know!
How come it was so URGENT?

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ink'n'rubba said...

please don't worry too much, I was left with a week eye after having measles when I was just a year old - and wore glasses from age 5 to 15. I then was fine without them till I got a lot older and now need 3 different sets as each eye is different! Hugs to you and your little boy.