Monday, 10 December 2007

Some more Beading.

Here are some more of my creations.
The one below is for a small adult, another of my nieces.
The earrings below are for my Mum, yet another pair!
She will have so many to wear.
The pearl in the middle of the bottom row is a lilac colour.
Below is another pair, this time for my lovely sister Trace.
I made these ones after the ones above and did not copy them at all.
I have already wrapped mum's up!
Trace's ones have a purple pearl in the middle. I have been meaning to make a white pair for ages.
Never getting around to it!
Well now I have, I think these look great.My final lot of beading to show you,
is a white Handbag charm.
Its another of those things I have been meaning to make.
I will be selling these on ebay, if I get any interest.Below are some hand crafted boxes.
I bought some to begin with and then thought I can make some.
So out came the holographic card.
I think they look great,
though the flash has not shown them to their best!
I have some pink beads made up ready to go,
lets see what they make? !

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