Friday, 7 December 2007

Gifts and beading!

This is a child's size bracelet for my niece, a Christmas gift.
This one I have called sun, moon and stars.
Below is another child's bracelet for my other niece.
It has a silver charm that says wish on it.
This is my favourite colour... I love making handbag charms.
The silver charm says 'Be yourself'
The brown handbag charm is just one I have made to sell.
Below is an adult bracelet, though I was asked not to put too much on it!
To me it looks half made!
Here is a different style necklace, I think it works well.
The pendant is made with glass beads and silver heart.
These earrings are to go with the necklace.
These are glass beads too.

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Bubbles said...

You've been busy again Kerry. Your jewellery makes are fab as always the blue is so pretty. I made a bracelet for my friend and she didn't want too much on it, I like you don't think they look so nice.
The advent box your dad made is fantastic, how lucky you are.