Thursday, 8 November 2007

What a day!

What a day it has been today!
I have been in the most terrible pain with my back,
its my own fault as I walked to the post office yesterday.
I pushed myself too hard, so my poor back is complaining!
No wonder really its only 5 months since I had major surgery on my spine.
Anyway, I am trying to get ready for Christmas.
Below is a gift for my very best friend,
she doesn't know I have been making a bracelet for her.
I know she wont see this as she isn't computer happy!
When ever I do an ATC swap with someone off the craft forum,
if they send a note or a card with a picture on I like to use the image for an ATC for them.
Below are a mixed selection of my most recent work.
No one knows about them yet I have to put them on the forum.The ones below are just for general swaps when I have listed them.
These are called gem animals ( I know not very original!)
Another set for swapping.... all on a garden theme.
That's it for now....
Don't forget to leave your names for the Blog candy.
I will take names on the forum too as I know not everyone likes to leave a comment on a blog!


Bubbles said...

Another great bracelet, very pretty colours.
Fab atc's it's a sweet idea of making people atc's from their paper!

Novice Writer said...

Nice ATC's. I have never really made one..