Saturday, 10 November 2007

Post 70! (and todays efforts)

Can you believe I am posting for the 70th time, even more reason to give away the blog candy tomorrow.
Below is a card I have made for my Daughter, she will be 3 in January.
I have used some papers and letters designed by 'funkyhand'
and the lovely fairy's.
The next card is also for my daughter, from her big brother.
I wanted them to match in colour and style this year.
Its funny, I have said so many times that I would not use traditional colours,
well below are the beginnings of three out of four that have snuck in!
I have to say though, the reindeer need a dark colour behind them!
All three cards need the finishing touches...
Though I am thrilled with the results already.

Don't forget the name will be drawn tomorrow for the blog candy, good luck everyone

1 comment:

Bubbles said...

Love the cards Kerry, our daughters are the same age, Hollie is 3 2days before christmas (badly time!)
The reindeers are so cute and will look fab when titivated.